Open Letter to Trans People and Cis Allies of Bucks County

To the trans and non binary and gender non conforming people of Bucks County,

Your existence is resistance. Every time you wake up. Every time you get out of bed. Every time you get out the door. Every time you go to work. Every time you get home at night and sleep and wake up again. Every breath you take is winning against a cis dominant world. It is hard to not be seen for who you are. How important you are. How your life has value. How your identity is valid. Your family should love and respect you. Your coworkers. Your doctors. Anyone who interacts with you. You deserve to be gendered correctly. You deserve to not get excuses from “well meaning cis people” who are just “trying” and saying “this is so hard for me.” You deserve a safe place to be yourself. You deserve community. You deserve to know you are not alone. You deserve to go to a bathroom with peace of mind. You are not alone although right now it feels like you are alone. You deserve access and affordability to HRT and affirming procedures. You deserve access to affordable housing. You deserve a world, free of the confines of white supremacy, cis-hetero-patriarchy, and the gender binary. You shouldn’t have to fight all the time when people should be fighting for you. Bucks County needs to wake up to their transphobia and dismantle it. Trans people will always keep fighting for our space. Cis people of Bucks y’all got work to do other than just saying “I see you and hear you.” Fight for us too.

B (they/them)

A local justifiably angry trans person

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